“A second excellent stay”

A very warm welcome received on our return to the Old Palace. This time we stayed in the main building and had a view out of our window up to the cathedral – especially beautiful when floodlit.
The fireworks visible from the lounge to welcome in the new year went on for a full 20 minutes, with some going off even after that (from the lounge we had a near-180 degree view over the whole to the south of Lincoln, so could see fireworks near and far and in wide angle).
Couple of points to be aware of – the cathedral bells do ring out (think from 7am to 9pm) – for us a plus, and during the between Christmas and New Year there is no lunch or dinner available in the hotel.
Finally, this is a relatively new hotel and my wife and I both thought the staff have gained in skill, confidence, and just generally more experienced than our previous visit a year earlier.