how to write a literary essay

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A literary analysis essay is an essay that examines the different elements used in a book, a play or poem. A literary essay examines the factors like setting, tone, character, and imagery.  The literary essay presents how the author uses all these elements to create certain effects. Writing a literary analysis essay requires the author to focus on the specific elements of the writing that stands out in the literature and expand the discussion based on these elements.

Like other essays, the literary essay needs to include an introduction that comprises of an opening statement, mentioning the brief background of the theme followed by the title of the book and the author. A good introduction states the main points in a sentence using a thesis statement. The thesis statement needs to answer a question about the important elements of the literature.

The body paragraph explains the points connecting to the thesis idea supported by quotes from the book. The body paragraph also discusses the wider interpretation of the literature. In conclusion, the essay needs to summarize the main points discusses and connect the summary to the larger theme in the book explaining some of the important lessons derived from the literature. The conclusion sums up the whole writing process.